There is not a cure for PCOS but effective treatment of the symptoms is available. These may be lifestyle changes, medicines or, increasingly, supplementation with myo-inositol. One of the simplest measures is controlling your weight. We appreciate that this can be very demanding and difficult but it can make a big difference to you.

Certain medicines may be prescribed by your doctor which may lower insulin levels, treat acne, hair growth and period problems. If you are trying for a baby you may need fertility treatment and extra support. Your doctor will be able to help with all of these issues.

For women with PCOS who have insulin resistance and/or a genetically determined deficiency of myo-inositol, treatment with a myo-inositol supplement has been proven to make very significant improvements to hormone levels, reduce acne and excessive hair growth, restore and regularise periods and reduce blood pressure.

Significant improvements with use throughout pregnancy

In pregnant women with PCOS it reduces BMI gain, normalises delivery time to 39.3 weeks and reduces the incidence of diabetes.

There is a near absence of side effects because you are only replacing metabolites that are missing and which are present in all human cells.

The major benefits of myo-inositol supplementation are shown on the next page.

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