Latest Studies

This is a rapidly changing field of study with a lot of targeted trials helping to uncover the mechanisms of the syndrome and pointing towards effective treatments. Myo-inositol has been used in some countries with great effect for more than a decade but its mode of action was not fully understood until recently. It is particularly widely used a first line treatment in Italy where it has benefited hundreds of thousands of women with PCOS. Over the past few years a lot of work has been targeted at understanding how this simple and natural molecule exerts its effects. Those papers are too numerous and lengthy to post here so please see below for the links to the summaries of them.

When you click on the link you will be taken to the “abstract” which is a summary of the study, listing (in brief) the results, conclusions and the significance of the findings. Some papers are free to all users, others have to be paid for; all abstracts are free. Should you wish you can attend the British Library where you will be able to view all of the listed papers in full at no charge and print copies for personal use (for which there is a small charge).

Help us to help you

We keep abreast of all developments in this field and will regularly update this listing. If you find a paper that you feel could be of benefit to other women with PCOS and it is not listed here, please use the “Contact” button below and provide the title, author, publication and year so that we can assess it and add it to the list. Sharing information in this way will help inform all interested people and guide us to even more effective treatments in future.

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