Fantastic response to Inofolic in just 3 weeks

We just heard from one of the clinics that their first patient to use Inofolic has shown a fantastic response. The clinic was reluctant to perform any further IVF cycles because the chances of success were almost negligible. Their patient is in her late thirties and has struggled with PCOS her whole life with many of the typical symptoms: weight maintenance, bad skin and excessive hair; she hadn’t had a period in 3 years. She telephoned her consultant yesterday to say that she had just had a normal period and that her skin was “radiant”. The patient and clinical staff are absolutely delighted and impressed.

This is after just 3 weeks of taking 2 sachets of Inofolic per day. Pharmasure is equally delighted at the outcome for this woman and would like to receive feedback from anyone with experience of using Inofolic.

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