Benefits of myo-inositol supplementation


Main biochemical and clinical benefits of Inofolic Significance (p)
Reduces systolic and diastolic pressure 0.002
Lowers plasma triglycerides by 52% and total cholesterol by 19% 0.001
Increases whole body insulin sensitivity (ISIcomp) by 84% 0.002
Lowers total testosterone by 65% 0.003
Enhances peak progesterone by 129% 0.003
Ovulation rate increased to 69.5% compared13with control group of 21% 0.001
Lowers hirsutism score and reduces severity of acne 0.003
Benefits during ART Significance (p)
Lowers overall dose of gonadotrophins17 0.001
Greater number of oocytes of diameter 15mm18 during stimulation with significant reduction of immature oocytes6,17 0.005
Benefits during pregnancy Significance (p)
Reduces incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus 0.001
Gestational age at delivery is 39.3 weeks vs control of 37.2 0.001
Curbs BMI increase from 3.8 in control to 2.3 in MI group 0.001


Very well tolerated

No side effects were reported in the six studies that were part of a systematic review of myo-inositol. These involved nearly 600 women where the treatment group received either 2 or 4 g of myo-inositol daily.

Only a very high dose of 12g or more per day induced side effects. These were mild gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea, flatus and diarrhoea. Severity did not increase with dosage which was raised to 30g/day in one study.

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